Do you want to swing from the chandeliers or sip brandy in your leather chair? These sound like scenes from a movie because that’s the vision of high-class living. You imagine the rich and famous with their opulent light fixtures, wood-drenched sitting rooms, and immaculate porcelain floors. But, not everyone can afford an estate home in Beverly Hills – and that’s okay! By sprucing up your space with a few luxury home items, you can live like a Hollywood A-lister right where you are.


What Defines Luxury Home Items?

Luxury home décor is a bit elusive. Other than the price tag, what makes one chair better than another? For one, it’s the material. A high price tag directly correlates with high-end materials, which means they are hard to find or incredibly scarce. Another important factor is how the chair was made. Was it handcrafted by a woodworker in the 1930s? If so, it’s probably a one-of-a-kind antique.

Of course, it’s not just the material and craftsmanship. Luxury is a feeling. The Merriam-Webster definition for luxury is “an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease.” So, while you may not need that leather chair with matching ottoman, it brings you joy – and that’s the true definition of living in luxury.

Your Shopping Guide for Luxury Home Décor

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to shop. Here’s your complete guide to finding the best flooring, furniture, home accessories and more.


You would think hardwood floors are the top choice for high-end flooring. And, yes, top-of-the-line lumber, like cherry, walnut, and birch, are stylish options. However, the truth is, wood-look ceramic tile has been the number one flooring trend for a couple of years now. Ceramic and porcelain tile both offer an endless array of design options, which means you can create a completely custom motif. Luxury porcelain tile, like the Acorn in a mahogany or walnut finish, offers the same richness as real wood. The difference is you can do much more with it. You can create decorative patterns like a herringbone layout that makes a narrow room look wide or a brick frame with a diamond inlay that better defines your living space. If you can dream it, there’s a tile pattern that will make it come to life.


Ceiling Features

You don’t have to undergo a total renovation to transform your ceiling. Yes, it would be nice to raise your ceiling and create more space overhead, but you can achieve the same architectural interest by adding features – instead of taking away. Wood beams, for example, always make a dramatic impact in a cozy den or main living space. Just be sure you’re choosing dark woods and contrasting it with a light-colored ceiling for the greatest payoff. Coffered ceilings are also very striking in a dark wood. Add the grid-like pattern to your living room, formal dining space or even master bedroom, so you have beautiful woodwork to gaze at while lying in bed. Other rich ceiling flourishes include ornate plaster medallions for your hanging light fixtures, custom murals above your dining table and pure-white shiplap in your kitchen.


Shiplap is also a farmhouse favorite along the walls, either as an accent on one side or to coat the whole room in texture. The best thing about decorating walls is they’re a blank canvas. You can pretty much do anything your heart desires as long as you choose high-end materials and keep the creativity to one or two walls in any given space.  For more traditional styles, something as simple as a bold paint color is enough of an accent. And for a little extra pop, add thick crown molding with fine, detailed corners. Details are always luxurious.


Remember that high-priced chair? It was probably made of leather. But if leather isn’t your style, don’t worry. Luxury furniture can suit any interior design – from farmhouse to futuristic. Other upscale upholstery includes velvet, silk, and linen. Velvet looks especially glamorous in a regal violet, while linen is better suited for neutral tones you’d find in an oceanfront condo. These lavish fabrics are complemented by exotic woods. Think mahogany in traditional-style furniture or acorn for a mid-century modern design. When looking for accent tables or buffets, handmade is high-end. If they’re accented with vintage mirrors, marble inlays or hand-painted artistry, even better.


You don’t have to have vaulted ceilings to enjoy an opulent chandelier. Of course, if you do have a great room with high ceilings, a chandelier is a no-brainer for modern and traditional styles – and the bigger, the better. High-end contemporary homes, on the other hand, often achieve luxury with oversized pendants that have unique features. Chrome finishes and sculptural designs are among the most eye-catching elements. If you’re sprucing up a bedroom, bathroom or hallway, don’t forget sconces. Their dim glow and cast of shadows impart drama and add interest to a room. For the most refined look, choose sconces made of bronze, glass or porcelain.


Window Treatments

Luxury homes tend to have floor-to-ceiling windows, which translates to custom drapery. The most sophisticated window treatments are made of linen and damask, which work well for most rooms in the house. Certain areas, like the kitchen or front-facing living room, look best treated with plantation shutters. The thick slats of wood offer the most privacy and blend in with nearly any home décor. Of course, sometimes window treatments are more for fashion than function. That’s why elegant valances are always a smart choice. They not only frame your window but they can accent an entire room.


With all the foundational pieces in place, you can start shopping for luxury home accessories. In the most extravagant homes, you’ll find a collection of fine art in various forms. Classic choices include oil paintings and sculptures made of glass. But you don’t have to splurge on famous artwork if it’s not your forte. Mirrors made in geometric patterns or framed in shimmering gold also lend an artistic effect. On the floor, Persian rugs with fanciful designs are impactful – and feel luxurious underfoot. And you can’t forget the tchotchkes that add dimension to empty shelves. Any exotic treasure is a sign of someone well-traveled. Put those on display, along with a mix of large, delicate vases and colorful floral arrangements.


Final Words of Advice

Remember: luxury home items include anything that’s unique, enhances your space and brings you joy. If it ticks off all of those boxes, it belongs in your space and can quickly make a dramatic difference to your interior design. Ready to start your revamp? Consult the tile experts at Happy Floors, first. All of our luxury porcelain tile is imported from Italy and Spain, so you know you’re getting premium quality flooring with an extensive selection of patterns, textures, and styles.