If you are ready to make those upgrades with luxury bathroom decor — we get it! Bathrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in the house, second only to the kitchen – a true epicenter of traffic. So it makes sense bathrooms are one of the first areas to be renovated as soon as they start feeling stale. A 2016 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey said that 80 percent of remodelers commonly work on bathrooms. “The other categories trailed kitchens and baths by a substantial margin,” according to the NAHB.

The good news is any money you spend on bathroom upgrades yields about a 56 to 70 percent return. That’s likely because more and more people view this space as their sanctuary. Soaking in a jet tub or basking in a hot, overhead rain shower is sometimes the highlight of a stressful day. If you can carve out a piece of peace with luxury bathroom décor, it will pay off – in resale and in relaxation.

Ready to start your remodel? Follow this shopping guide for bathroom fixtures, flooring and more. You’ll have an upscale upgrade – with all those spa-day feels – in no time.



Floor Them With Luxury

Luxury flooring makes a statement, especially in small areas like a bathroom. That’s why flooring is your most important design decision. Don’t panic, though. These tips will help you achieve a rich aesthetic:

Lay down ceramic or porcelain tile floors. These highly durable materials are available in thousands of different colors and designs to complement your style. Ceramic and porcelain floors are also waterproof and stain resistant. So if wood floors were top of your list, consider a wood-look porcelain tile that lets you customize the size of the planks while providing a much tougher exterior.   

Pile on the patterns. Next to your kitchen backsplash, bathrooms are the best place to play with repeated designs. Sure, you can use wallpaper on the walls, but tile patterns on the floor offer a clean, refined look. You can create anything from a boxed-out basket weave to a classic black-and-white hexagon.

Marvel in marble. The choice of kings and queens never goes out of style. In fact, it only gets finer with age. With its unpredictable veining and natural shading, marble adds dimension to any sized bathroom. If you need something that can withstand a lot of foot traffic and still look like a million bucks, this marbled Calacatta porcelain tile is an elegant upgrade.



Fit the Room With High-End Fixtures

Depending on the shape and material, fixtures will serve as accents in your bathroom. That doesn’t mean you have to go over the top, though. Stick to these basic design tips, and your luxe bathroom will come to life:

Opt for opulent materials. Like your luxury bathroom accessories, chrome, copper, and brass are ultra-fine finishes for your fixtures. You could also choose an oil-rubbed bronze for something less bold but equally as beautiful. If it’s sparkle you crave, you can find a diamond-encrusted faucet for a pretty penny.

Swoon with a gooseneck. This is one of those tips that goes by the philosophy: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The classic gooseneck is a timeless choice. While certain styles may scream functional, a delicate head lends pure sophistication.

Let it rain. When it comes to shower fixtures, the rain shower head steals the show. Its steady, overhead stream feels like you’re standing under a waterfall, bringing that natural spa element straight into your home.



Accessorize Accordingly

Luxury bath accessories add a little sparkle and lots of serenity. If you’re not sure how to strike that perfect balance, these tips can help:  

Coordinate your accessory sets. Everything from your toothbrush holder to tissue box should share a specific material or shade of color in order to pull the room together.

Choose high-end materials, such as chrome, copper, ceramic and certain stones for your accessory sets and finishes. Swirled marble is always a smart selection, serving as a reminder of the world’s most naturally beautiful landmarks.  

Swap your wall rack for a chic, stand-alone towel bar that acts as a personal butler for your bathroom linens. If you can find a heated towel bar, that’s even cooler.

Step up your bath mat to bamboo or teak. These standard spa accessories help keep your bathroom free of bacteria. Plus, they’re eco-friendly and elegant by design. The wood slats allow enough air through to evaporate the puddle of water that forms underfoot.

Go for the greenery. Not only do fresh, hardy plants (think moss, succulents, and orchids) add a pop of color, but they infuse a sense of Zen that only nature can offer. Stick to one or two plants, though, to avoid a jungle of clutter.



Make the Most of Your Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are not just a functional feature. Treated as a centerpiece, mirrors are the definition of luxury home décor. Here’s how to elevate the seemingly simple bathroom staple:

Frame it up. While a dark hardwood frame may work best in a traditional design, you can also frame a mirror with LED lights or sconces for something more contemporary.

Make it a double. If you have the wall space, upgrade your one large mirror to two distinct design features. Your bathroom will instantly feel like a modern art gallery, where you’re the subject.   

Order a large custom fit. If you’re working with a small bathroom, it may be best to cut a wall-to-wall mirror that eludes to more square footage. One caveat: you’ll skip the frame in this scenario in order to get the greatest reflective factor.

Add a mirror that magnifies. Whether it’s for makeup, brow tweezing or simply to reflect more light, a small, cosmetic mirror is a glamorous touch. Some pull off the wall, while others stand on a pedestal – the choice is yours.



Let in the Light

No bathroom update is complete without sophisticated light fixtures that are perfectly placed for optimal effect. When shopping for bathroom lights, remember to:

Cover all angles. For proper prep and pampering in front of the mirror, make sure light is shining from all sides. That means you’ll need a fixture directly overhead, as well as from the left and right. Sconces can cover the sides, while a glitzy chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

Match your finishes. Whatever finish you choose for your faucet and flusher, be sure your light fixtures are in the same family. Styles may be slightly mismatched, but like metals will help maintain a cohesive design. Brass and chrome tend to be the most popular and easy to coordinate.

Create ambiance by the tub. A skylight above the bathtub is warm and inviting. A skylight, in general, is a rich design element, as it floods the room with natural light. But if your bath times are after dusk, illuminate your tub or shower area with a soft sconce, whimsical chandelier or mood-setting baseboard lights.


Top It off With a Trendy Tub

Bring home your luxury bathroom design with the best stand-alone soaker you can find. And then, add a twist, like this:

Wall off your tub. If you can create a separate room specifically for your free-standing tub, you’ll nail that luxurious sense of solitude. Full walls aren’t entirely necessary, though. Even half-walls made of stone or large porcelain tile offer enough privacy – and an added design feature.

Take your tub outside. With a sculptured claw-foot tub, an Italian-inspired water feature and exotic greenery, outdoor bathing becomes a proper pastime. (Think of all the stargazing you’ll get to enjoy!) Of course, this works best as an addition to your master ensuite and primarily in warmer climates.


As you can see, luxury bathroom décor is sometimes quirky and sometimes bold. But because these luxury bathroom updates symbolize serenity, they’re always a guaranteed investment.