Recent studies show that it may be more valuable for you to upgrade with designer décor rather than take on a whole home renovation. 

Home renovations are not only a huge undertaking, but they’re also an expensive one. In 2018, Americans are expected to spend nearly $340 billion on remodeling projects, according to CNBC who reported on Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. That’s a 7.5 percent increase from 2017. If you’re uncertain if a total renovation is in the house of cards, know this: You don’t have to strip a home to its studs.

In fact, major kitchen remodels only yielded a 59.9 percent return in sale value. That means you’re better off making small, gradual upgrades with designer décor. Focus specifically on replacing dated light fixtures, mirrors, and flooring. These eye-catching elements are worth the investment because they pull together a luxe style that’s on par with professional design.

Floors to Upgrade Your Home

Floors may be the foundation to a house, but luxury flooring is the foundation to a home. This is one area of design that can make the biggest impact. Not to mention, a beautiful floor speaks volumes of your taste and style. If you choose carpet, then you’ll be pegged as a creature of comfort. But build your home with one of these luxury floor options, and there will be no mistaking your design skills.

American Hardwood
If you’re not sure where to start your home upgrade, you can’t go wrong with oak, hickory or maple wood floors. These classic hardwoods are abundant in American forests and always lend a sense of timeless tradition. Settle on a shade that complements your cabinets and current furnishings, and then lay the planks all throughout your house.


Wood-Look Porcelain Tile
Classic hardwood simply doesn’t make the cut when it comes to contemporary design. Or, perhaps, it isn’t the right material for your home’s high-trafficked floors. Enter wood-look porcelain tile. As the name implies, they look like real wood and come in multi-color grain designs, as well as a more natural mahogany-inspired stain.


Concrete is no longer just for garage floors. In fact, you can fill every inch of your home with newly chic concrete if your heart desires – and upscale minimalists may be prone to do just that. Buyer, beware, though. It’s not the most forgiving floor. For something equally neutral but much more comfortable, try large porcelain tile in a lightly textured charcoal gray.



Now available in more colors and styles than ever before, bamboo is a welcomed addition to luxury flooring. You can have wide planks for modern design or thin slats sufficient for a minimalist motif. Just be sure to keep bamboo out of kitchens and baths. It’s a sustainable flooring, but it’s also quite sensitive to moisture.



Lights to Upgrade Your Home

For something that’s so crucial to the everyday, light is supremely underrated. Even if you dismiss daily task lighting, there are still a myriad of ways you can use the power of light. Think about how you create ambiance during a dinner date or highlight art in a museum. Needless to say, the right light fixtures have form and function. Here are some recommendations to spark a spree of improvements throughout your home.


Luxury décor oozes the kind of drama people crave. Luckily, you can recreate the mood with something as simple as an uplight. These grounded fixtures are often hidden but are always best positioned down low to enrich a dark corner or throw shine on a fabulous piece of furniture. While many uplights are designed for outdoor use, there are ample shapes and finishes better suited for indoors.


Foyer Chandeliers
An entryway chandelier can set the tone of your home, so make sure it’s a stunning first impression. That said, your chandelier should coordinate with the rest of your foyer and home design. If you have a traditional taste, for instance, look for brushed bronze and decorative glass shades. You’ll also want to be sure your foyer chandelier fits the space. Add the width of your foyer to its length in feet to get the right diameter in inches.


Kitchen Island Pendants

While kitchen pendant lights do serve an important purpose, they have generous decorative value. The kitchen is often the heart of a home and deserves designer décor. So put thought into picking out your pendants, as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.


Outdoor Wall Sconces

Think outside your four walls, and you might get the most bang for your buck. According to the Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing, enhancing curb appeal and outdoor living increases “payback value.” One simple upgrade is outdoor wall sconces. You can choose from a rustic metal lantern, streamlined cylindrical shade and many more styles that match your home’s façade.


Mirrors to Upgrade Your Home

Once you’ve created that elegant glow in and around your home, think about what light should be reflected and where. Carefully placed mirrors can lengthen the reach of a certain light fixture. Or, a large, horizontal mirror can hang across from a window to reflect natural sunshine during the day.

When mirrors aren’t expanding the optics of a room, they’re serving as a functional vanity feature or replacing artwork on the walls. Either way, these delicate pieces of glass make a statement. By choosing high-end mirrors for your home décor, you instantly infuse a sense of grandeur. So don’t skimp on these upgrades.

Oversized Floor Mirror
A full-length mirror at the end of a hallway will trick the eye to see a continuous corridor. You can also stand an oversized floor mirror in your master suite to achieve the same effect. The space will feel larger, and you’ll feel like you have a personal dressing room. If you can find one with an ornate frame, even better.


Geometric-Shaped Mirrors

Rectangles and ovals are classic but can be stale and too conventional. If you’re looking for a luxury renovation, get a three-dimensional, geometric mirror instead. It’ll create intrigue in an entryway or add style to a modern bathroom. Score a metallic finish, and the interesting edges are even more reflective.


Mirrored Furniture
Mirrored furniture is as elegant as they come. Use it sparingly, though, to avoid overwhelming your space. A simple bar cart or media table are best suited for the mirrored effect. They’re enough to reflect light in a well-lit living room while adding a touch of luxe.


Pendant Mirrors
Pendant mirrors are beautiful and functional when strategically set against a bare wall. You can opt for a classic, oversized orb or something small with a long chain. If you want texture, look for a pendant made of rope or frame made of wood.


Implement these designer décor tips, and your home will see its worth. Remember: you don’t have to conquer all the changes at once. Take it room by room, little by little. Before long, you’ll have a brand-new, luxurious living space.