As the tile industry grows 4 percent each year, homeowners can look forward to some remarkable style choices. If you own a home, a classic tile pattern for your floors is the perfect way to create that nostalgic atmosphere. Most tile used between 1900 and 1950 were smaller. Popularity for larger sizes are increasing for flooring but small mosaics remain in style, allowing greater creativity. Here are some tile laying patterns that are perfect for use in your home.


Hexagon tiles were usually white and were a very common choice in floor tile for the post-WW I period. Rather than a solid white floor, often the white hex tiles were broken up into elaborate designs by careful placement of colored or patterned tiles or laying intricate borders. The small size (about 1 inch) will lead to impressive designs. Happy Floors currently offers hexagon porcelain tile in an array of wood and marble looks in following series: Paint Stone, Blast, and Italia, as well as 3D mosaics in Arona and Dolomite series.


Though square tiles were often small, the right patterns and color choices were effective. Square tiles were often used as colorful borders to augment hexagon layouts. We encourage you to look at the following series to see the variety of colors Happy Floors offers in a 12” x12” size: Pietra d’ Assisi, Neostile, Eternity and more. Enter 12” x12” into the “Search Our Products” search bar.

Basket Weave

Typically black and white, these tiles are decorated and laid out in square and rectangle shapes on floors and walls to create beautiful accent pieces that are clean and classic. Our Consoli marble look series offers two different colors, Bianco/Noce, and a Bianco and Beige/Noce.


A pinwheel pattern was usually laid in white and black on floors in historic homes, particularly those built in the 1920s and 1930s. Occasionally other color combinations might be used to create the same effect. One advantage to the pinwheel design is that it can be expanded outward to fill any size room, and is often used in larger spaces like the eat-in kitchen as well as the bath. The Consoli series offers two different pin wheel variations.

Block Random

Mixing and matching different sizes and colors could lead to a true random effect, but more often tile laying patterns comprised a given block of tiles which was repeated throughout the room. Block random was popular in the 1930s and 1940s when there were many kinds of tile available, and led to some colorful and creative block patterns. The Versailles pattern incorporates multi-sized tile typically using rustic-looking stone floor and can be done using our Pietra D’ Assisi line with chiseled edges.

Tile is more popular than ever; the market is expected to top $178 billion by 2024. Happy Floors is a wholesale distributor of high-end, imported flooring products made in Italy and Spain. Happy Floors provides merchants with the hard-to-find, classic styles needed for all homes as well as many other commercial projects . For more information on our products, contact us today.

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  • Anonymous

    Great – I love it! There are so many different ways to lay a pattern; after reading this, I know exactly what I want to do to renovate my living room!

  • Lin Nulman

    This was Learning for me from start to finish. What a great overview. I love the style/history connection wherever I can find it. But if you’re as enthusiastic as I am about reading this, remember to stay consistent in your flooring when you make choices. Different flooring should never meet in major spots in the home! That’s a no-flow look that takes a bite out of resale value. The details here are complemented by the “big picture” issues covered in I recommend putting them in your mind together!

  • geeth

    wow..nice blog..Thanks for sharing thus tile platform. want to suggest my friend in flats in Trivandrum.

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