When it comes to beautiful home flooring, the rich look of wood is difficult to beat. However, the maintenance requirements and cost of wooden floors make it an impractical choice for many homeowners. Plank porcelain tile offers low-maintenance style and a lower cost than hardwood flooring while also offering all of the warmth of wood. As a high-end choice for stylish home decor, plank tiles are a great addition to traditional or contemporary homes, and they offer a classic look that will never go out of style.

1. Water Resistance With the Warmth of Wood

The shape of porcelain plank tile offers a similar look to wood, but it is adhered to the floor’s substrate, and finished with grout. This means it creates a solid, denser surface for your floor that will not absorb much water or stain; this makes it an ideal flooring surface for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors. Wooden flooring will swell and become damaged when it comes in contact with water or vapor; porcelain is water-resistant to water damage and will remain beautiful.

2. Easy Maintenance and Resistance to Damage

Wood is a soft material, and it can easily become scratched or dented by furniture, dog toenails or high heels. Porcelain is strong and nearly unbreakable when installed properly as a flooring material. Go ahead and slide heavy furniture or let your dog(s) run through the house; porcelain tile is uniquely suited to resist most types of wear and tear. Choosing a wood look can be practical when you select porcelain plank tile for your home, and it requires little maintenance other than regular non-abrasive cleaning to keep it looking its best.

3. A Large Variety of Styles, Colors and Textures

Although wood flooring is available in a range of colors, porcelain plank tile is nearly unlimited when it comes to colors, textures and styles. From different warm or cool greys and browns, wood-look tile offers all the richness and drama of exotic hardwood colors while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Tile is also ideal for creating a modern design with a whitewood look; your tile flooring will have perfect characteristics with unparalleled strength, structure and durability.

Our Wholesale Imported Porcelain Tile

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  • Kennedy Tile AZ

    Porcelain wood tile is a very popular product for all of the reasons mentioned in this article . Wood Tile is a beautiful durable product . It has all of the benefits of porcelain tile with the timeless beauty of hardwood.

  • Robert

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  • Megan Wallace

    This pretty much sums up why porcelain plank tile is the better option. It brings the best of both worlds – the durability of porcelain and the charm of wood. Though it’s necessary to make sure you get the tile from a certified porcelain tile dealer who will give you the real thing.